E W Bookkeeping & Accountancy Client Portal can be used to:

SEND US documents, records and paperwork in relation to your financial affairs whether they are to assist with the preparation of your accounts, self assessment tax returns, corporation tax returns or other matters.

RECEIVE FROM us completed forms for your checking, verification, signature or filling

TO APPROVE documents for signature, prior to our submitting to the relevant authorities

Getting Started
To use our portal, you will need sign up with dropbox, if you do not already have an account with them, this is free click here to sign up or login

Up and running
Once you are up and running then you can send us an email to inform us that you have shared documents with us, please make sure the email address you use for your drop box login is the same emails we have on file for you if not please inform us of the email address you us to login to your drop box account, you can send us as many documents as you wish. Click here to let us know you have sent us documents.

In turn we will use the portal to send you such things as information requests, documents and returns etc. An email will automatically be sent to your designated email address advising that we have sent you something and that you will need to visit dropbox.

We value your security and protecting your personal information is of key importance to us. The main focus of developing this facility is that we create a trusted environment where you feel confident exchanging information and communicating with us.

For maximum security, all your messages and data will be encrypted using the highest available encryption and secured using trusted SSL certification.


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